SHOP FOX D4502 15” carbide helical head for planers

SHOP FOX D4502 15” carbide helical head for planers
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Product Description

Spiral cutterheads with indexable carbide inserts provide a number of advantages over traditional straight-knife cutterheads. Carbide inserts stay sharp up to 10 times longer than regular HSS knives and each insert features four separate sharpened edges, so there's far less overall down time from changing/adjusting knives. When the inserts do finally get dull, simply rotate each one 90° to expose another set of factory-sharp cutting edges. And since the inserts are indexable, they are automatically set to the perfect height when installed—meaning no more time spent fussing with a knife-setting jig. Best of all, spiral cutterheads leave a smoother surface, especially when surfacing wood with figured grain. Once you own a spiral cutterhead, you’ll never go back!


Cutterhead with 72 Inserts Features four-sided carbide inserts that can be rotated four times for a new factory-sharp edge Fits Shop Fox models W1692, W1723, W1724 and W1742 Planers and Steelex model ST1002. Will fit other planers as well, contact us for more info or to check compatibility.