SHOP FOX D4934 13” Dewalt helical head for planer

SHOP FOX D4934 13” Dewalt helical head for planer
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Product Description

The perfect upgrade to your DeWalt® DW735X Planer! Elevate the capabilities of the popular DW735X planer with the D4934 13" Helical Cutterhead. This cutterhead takes your planers performance to the next level and cuts smoothly through your planing projects with ease, while reducing tear out more effectively than conventional straight-knife cutterheads. With the power of 30 carbide inserts, it also produces a superior finish, even in highly-figured wood. The D4934 uses indexable carbide inserts which are less prone to nicks and cracks over conventional HSS knives. And if an insert dulls or gets nicked, simply rotate it to expose a new sharp edge. No need to take out all the blades for sharpening or replacement like before this upgrade. Once all the edges on an insert have been dulled, the individual inserts are easily replaced with a few turns of a hex wrench. This greatly reduces shop down-time by eliminating the frustrating process of removing, sharpening and resetting knives and can add up to significant long-term cost savings. With conventional straight knives, each knife makes full contact with the material during each rotation, increasing noise pollution in the shop. With the D4934 helical cutterhead, the carbide inserts are staggered around the head so only one or two inserts are in contact with the workpiece at any time. This results in an overall reduction in shop noise and a more pleasant shop environment.


Number of rows: 3 Number of inserts: 30 Comes complete with a fresh set of bearings Kit also includes 5 additional inserts and a T-25 T-handle wrench