ACCURA 00315 12” slow speed cold saw

ACCURA 00315 12” slow speed cold saw
Item# 00315

Product Description

Why is the ACCURA 03115 12" Slow Speed Circular Cold Saw our best-selling industrial cold saw? Because we designed it to make reliably perfect, mill-like cuts for many years—at a price that won’t break the bank.

Accepts a 12.5” blade (included). 3.5” round tube capacity at 90°. Miters 45° to the left and right. Spins at 52 rpm to cut through solids, tubing, or pipe. Perfect for cutting mild steel, but can handle other material with the proper blade. Strong 2.5 hp motor coupled with a direct-drive gearbox, lets the blade cut the material chatter-free, increasing blade life. Runs on 220-volt 1-phase 60Hz power. Operate this manual saw by gradually pulling the blade head into the material and controlling it with your own strength.

Serrated vise jaws grip the material tightly, so it won’t budge during cutting. Vise clamps on both sides of the cut, reducing blade chatter and prolonging blade life. Stop rod helps you easily cut repeatable lengths for production runs. Rigid cast iron base stabilizes the machine for straight, accurate cuts. Heavy-duty molded steel stand raises the saw to a convenient cutting height. Powerful integrated coolant pump lubricates the blade and washes chips away. Flood coolant system increases cut quality, makes the saw easier to handle, and makes the saw and blades last longer. SPECS

Max. Blade Diameter 12.5" Operation Manual Head Miter 45° Left / 45° Right Round Solid at 45° 2" Square Tube at 45° 3.2" x 3.2" Round Tube at 45° 3.5" Rectangle Tube at 45° 3.25" x 2.75" Round Solid at 90° 2" Rectangle Tube at 90° 4" x 2.75" Square Tube at 90° 3.2" x 3.2" Round Tube at 90° 3.5" Coolant System Yes Vice Style Single Action with Cam Lock Max. Vice Opening 4.72" Head Style Pivot Arbor Size 32mm Motor 2.5 hp Blade Speed 52 (rpm) Power 220V / 1-phase Shipping Weight 440lbs Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 48x31x44

**********OUTSTANDING FEATURES********** Heavy Duty Cast Iron Construction on a Heavy Duty Fabricated Steel Cabinet Base.

Quick Action Clamping Lever for use along with Spider Type Adjusting Handle.

Blade Guard retracts automatically.

Quick Miters swivel 45 degree left or right or any degree in between.

Coolant Pump System with Reservoir and Filter is located in the Cabinet Base and pumps coolant to the blade to ensure long cutting life.

Cutting Head has Spring Adjusted Return.

00315 COLD SAW SPECIFICATIONS Maximum Cutting capacity at 90 degrees Square.....3-1/2" Round.....3-7/8" Rectangular.....4.5 X 2.3/4"

Maximum Cutting capacity at 45 degrees Square,,,,,3" Round.....3-1/2" Rectangular...3-1/4" x 2-3/4"

Main Motor 2.5 HP (1.87 kw) 1 phase 220 volt 4 pole 18 amps 1720 RPM TEFC

Blade RPM 52 Coolant Pump 1/8 HP Coolant Tank 5 liters

Arbor Size 32mm

Maximum Vise Opening 4.724 (120mm)

12" Diameter Blade (315mm)

Machine Dimensions with Stand 41" Long X 39" Wide X 72" High

Machine Weight 385 lbs Shipping Weight 445 lbs

Optional Saw Blades Available 12" 240 tooth Non ferrous 3/32-1/4" 12" 240 tooth Non ferrous 1/4"-3/8" 1/8"-1/4" SS